Wonderful "March Magnetic Paddles"
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March Magnetic R-3a Serial Number 0135 10-8-99
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I really like the unique florescent green :-)

Review: See eHAM reviews of the March Magnetic R3a

  • Delight to use, superb workmanship
  • I just received my March Magnetic Paddles. They were customized with florescent green finger pieces that really compliment the bright glow of the new brass base.
  • I used a bug for so many years that I was afraid of IAMBIC paddles. I have used the March for a week now and I have got to admit that the finger pieces feel warm and smooth just like my good old bug. This was a really easy transition.
  • The finger pieces are spaced well together and make it feel more like a single lever paddle.
  • I was warned by a buddy that the March might not hold tight settings, but for my personal selection of spacing and return pressure they are solid as a rock.
  • The machining is superb. I have never seen a Hensley so I can't compare, but Mike March has done a first class job on the paddle that I received.
  • I have a "heavy fist" due to years of bug use. The weight is excellent and the paddle sits solidly on the desk.
  • I heartily recommend this key to anyone considering higher end IAMBIC paddles.
  • Check out the pictures at http://www.qsl.net/n9vv/march.html
  • Summary: They are a delight to use and superbly crafted by Michael March W4FJJ.
  • These should be in your collection for sure!
  • Mike's website is at http://www.qsl.net/k4qu/

If you order paddles from Mike you may wish to check out the special unadvertised "Spelling Option". I often wish I had a set of paddles that could spell!

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